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TEXTUROMETER Viscoelasticity

  1. Summary
    • Texturometer can vertically compress and tensile samples using an accurate steppulse motor.
    • The motor allows complex and programmable motions, such as constant compressions and tensions.
    • Distance resolution:0.001mm
    • Compact in size. Total weight of driver and controller is 6kg.

  2. Specifications
    Maximum Force20Kg/cm2
    Position Range0.001 - 60 mm
    Driving MotionsVertical constant or sine motion
    Speed Range0.1 - 10 mm/sec  (0.1 mm/sec per step)
    Load CellStandard 10 Kg  (Maximum 20 Kg)
    Calibration of Load CellAutomatic
    Resolution of Data Acquisition 1/16000 resolution  to the full scale of load cells
    Controller OperationCentral control by an internal CPU
    Analyzer OperationReal time data processing by an internal CPU
    PC InterfaceStandard RS-232 serial port
    Overall Dimensions
    122 (W) x 315 (H) x 200 (D) mm
    Overall Dimensions
    (Controller & Analyzer)
    130 (W) x 300 (H) x 200 (D) mm
    Weightca. 6 Kg
    Power ConsumptionMaximum 100 W
    Power Supply100 V - 50/60 Hz

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