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Feature of TAKETOMO's Texture Analyzers. MyBoy

  1. Summary
    In 1966, we developed the first texture analyzer, TEXTUROMETER, and manufactured for the General Foods Corporation that established Texture Profile Analysis (TPA). Thereafter, our company has focused on the development of analytic instruments using stress measurement for testing food texture.

    Our new challenge began in 1974 with the development of a high-precision texture analyzer that can perform compression tests and extension tests,  The new high-precision versatile texture analyzer, TENSIPRESSER TTP-50BX, was completed with five patents, one design, and one trademark in 1977.

    TENSIPRESSER My Boy System was developed as a compact model of TENSIPRESSER TTP-50BX without loosing high-precision in 1993. The programmable movements of a sample stage and synchronized data acquisition allowed  to establish several new texture tests.

    When people eat foods, they feel texture of foods, such as hardness, softness, chewiness, stickiness, gooiness, rubbery, crispiness, shortness, smoothness.
    The feeling of texture is varied from person to person although the physical properties of foods must be fit in acceptable ranges.
    TENSIPRESSER and TEXTUROMETER can be used for testing physical properties of foods and express textural properties of foods numerically.

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