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●  Company Data and History

  1. Company Data
    FoundingApril 1, 1963 as NISHIZAWA ELECTRIC FACTORY
    IncorporationMarch 27, 1967 as NISHIZAWA ELECTRIC, Inc.
    Altering NameDecember 7, 1977 as TAKETOMO ELECTRIC, Inc.
    Capital3,000,000 yen
    DirectorsPresident & CEO Koki Nishizawa, other 3 directors
    Main BanksMizuho Bank, Waseda Branch
    Resona Bank, Kagurazaka Branch
    Sales ProductsAnalytic instruments using stress measurement such as Texture Analyzers, Salinity meter, and custom-made analytic instruments

  2. Location
    Location28-3 Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo
    Nearby StationWakamatsu-Kawada station, Ohed line, Toei Subway
    One minute on foot from the Wakamatsu Exit of the station

  3. History
    NISHIZAWA ELECTRIC FACTORY was founded as a proprietary in 1963 to develop and manufacture analytic instruments that united mechanisms and electronics. The company successfully developed and manufactured the first mono-electrode pH meter in Japan as well as a thickness meter for measuring the thickness of metal plating.

    Thereafter, the company has focused on the development of analytic instruments using stress measurement for testing food texture. In 1966, the first texture analyzer, TEXTUROMETER, was manufactured for the General Foods Corporation that established Texture Profile Analysis (TPA).

    In order to develop a high-precision texture analyzer which can perform not only compressive test but also extensional test, a new project started in 1974. The new high-precision versatile texture analyzer, TENSIPRESSER was completed with five patents, a design, and a trademark in 1977.

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